Augmented Reality Developers

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Augmented reality will produce a large change in the way of understanding advertising, that is, you get to reinvent the Marketing and Advertising. The boom of Augmented Reality we get on the one hand, by the simplicity of items are needed and the other by the large presence of technology in everyday life apart from their costs, why it is so accessible to the public. There are augmented reality for iPhone and Augmented Reality for Android and the different platforms they work with smartphones in addition to the iPhone and iPad2.

With augmented reality, the user can get information about the real world in an interactive and digital. It incorporates all marketing campaigns and in their time were the flyers, business cards, web, email and television have. Social media: it is a very strong campaigns on Facebook and Twitter as well, thanks to the innovative and attractive design of augmented reality, produces a strong interest among potential customers, capturing their attention in this way towards our impacting advertising more effective marketing of our company. Do not forget the viral marketing methods.

Among are many advantages that you can exploit to existing publications or create a new one. In addition, you can create stunning presentations fr different companies or events: Augmented Reality for museums, concerts, zoo, for monuments and tourist routes, hotel sector, and to present a marketing campaign to present a lecture, a new catalog of products, interior , enterprise reform, decorators, graphic studios, etc …

Do not forget that is the most powerful marketing tool on the market today, because not only intended to be used as advertising, but for:

  • -The education
  • -Stories and books
  • -For chromium
  • -Conduct lectures at universities, colleges
  • -Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • -Christmas cards
  • -Congratulations to Valentine
  • -etc


These are only brief examples of all the versatility is augmented reality. Want to stand out from the competition? Want to talk about you? How to enhance your press release and media campaign and think about the possibility of having online shop where your customers can virtually try on products, clothes, jewelry, watches, wines, magazines to make virtual tours for the places we want to show, example, if you are interested in selling an apartment, with augmented reality have many more chances of success in the sale, the great attraction that exists or if you want to show a reform in a building. Think Stands at fairs, setting up stands …

Augmented reality allows interaction between the customer and the product, this makes the experience a total, do not forget that AR may determine the choice between one product or another. In summary, we have customers that make web brochures, magazines, catalogs and packaging, be sure that they are interested in «add» more dramatically to publish without making any changes to what they need to produce, at no extra cost units and to expand the possibility of using the same Augmented Reality in several publications at once why not offer a service to my clients that I do not cost any investment?augmented reality

In Wion, we made a series of collaborations with the Guild d’Indústries Gràfiques de Catalunya (Guild of Graphic Industries of Catalonia) to augmented reality graphic industry. Click on the link below to see example of Augmented Reality specially created for the occasion.

– Augmented reality for Gremi d’Indústries Gràfiques de Catalunya

You can also read the article Gremi d’Indústries Gràfiques de Catalunya on Augmented Reality and Wion:

– Augmented reality and Wion



To view our examples of Augmented Reality, you must click on the image you want and use the marker that appears to the right to view it properly.

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