Motion Graphics Designer London

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In Wion we are specialized in the design and development of motion graphics London (2D and 3D animation) namely, Motion Graphic Designers London . Our work is focused on creating audiovisual creative, clear and effective concepts.

What is Motion Graphics London?

We will define it by its meaning, below we attach some example videos. The term Motion Graphics refers to the motion graphics multimedia. Is digital because it is done with software and in a nonlinear way. Multimedia because it brings together in one production, elements of different nature.

Video Resources (Screenshots and movies clips)

Bitmap graphics (photographs, collages)

Vector Graphics (Illustrations & Fonts) Audio Resources (Special effects and music)

Today we see TV ads based on motion graphics, sometimes with complete absence of video images, which does not mean that the video assets are not part of the wide range of multimedia elements that make up a motion graphics.

To summarize what means Motion Graphics in one sentence:

"The graphics used in video or animation media to create the illusion of movement"

How we can use the Motion Graphics?

Project presentations
Post audiovisual production
Corporate and institutional videos
Interactive Presentations
DVD Authoring

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